Hollywood Stars Spirit


'George Clooney'

'Samuel L.Jackson'

'Al Pacino'

'Bruce Willis'

'Sean Connery'

'Demi Moore'

'Robin Williams'

'Sandra Bullock'

'Antonio Banderas'

'Richard Gere'

'John Travolta'

'Michael Douglas'

'Clint Eastwood'

'Hugh Grant'

'Harrison Ford'

'Jack Nicholson'

'Rowan Atkinson'

'Leonardo Di Caprio'

'Robert De Niro'

Favorite Movies 

          Lord of The Rings, Leathal Weapon's, Die Hard's, Beverly Hills Cops, The Guru, You've Got Mail, The Bone Collector, Armageddon, Bridget Jones's Diary's, Signs and at the moment Pirates of the Caribbean..but I do also enjoy .. COMEDY, ACTION and HORROR..
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